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Judicial issues

The ICTR experience has led to identify specific judicial issues (preventive detention, guilty plea, lenght of procedure, judicial system) that other international courts would have to face and to solve in the future.

Films 2: The judicial issues raised by the ICTR

Film chapters

° The Victims

° The guility plea

° The Acquitted

° The preventive detention

° The translations

° The Witnesses

° Which judicial system ?

Film 2 , 34 mn, 32 contributions.

Speakers screened in this film, by alphabetical order: C. Aptel, S. Arbia, S. Becky, J.M. Biju-Duval, A. Condé, T. Cruvellier, A. Dieng, A.M. Essoungou, D. Fall, H.B. Jallow, V. Lurquin, A. Mpatwenumugabo, B.A. Muna, F. Mukeshimana, J. Ngarambe, F. Ngengdahayo E. O’Donnell, M. Othman, F. Roux, D. Vandermeersch.