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Prosecution policies

16 years of judicial exercise, 4 Prosecutors, 90 Accused, this film looks at the choices made in terms of strategy of prosecution and gives a large place to the questions they have raised.

Film 1: The prosecution policies

Film chapters

° Whom to prosecute ?

° The presidential plane

° The RPF

° The murder of clergymen at Kabgayi

° A full mandate ?

° The completion strategy

Film 1 ; 37mn; 35 contributions

Speakers screened in this film , by alphabetical order: T. Cruvellier, C. Del Ponte; R. Degni-Ségui; A. Dieng; J.P Getti; A. Guichaoua; H.B. Jallow; V. Lurquin; B. Muna; C. Newburry; N. Nsengimana; M. Othman; P. Reyntjens; F. Roux; W. Schabas; D. Vandermeersch; C. Vidal; D. Webster