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Three movies

A video project in order to give a large and lively access to the debates

The intention of this website is to make a contribution to the public debate on international criminal justice. The enlightening discussions held in Geneva during the 3-day conference have largely focused on the ICTR. Thus, they constitute a major contribution to the on-going international debate. Providing public and easy access to the outcomes of this conference was chalenging. Besides the full transcripts, it seemed useful to edit the video recordings of the conference to summarize the key points of the discussions. A very rigorous editorial process has been followed to preserve the spirit of the debates.

Being aware that the on-line release of the entire recording of the conference would not do much to widen the public access, very large post-production work has been undertaken. Thus, the three on-line documentary films do not follow the chronological timeline of each day of the conference. On the contrary, each film is focusing on a specific issue. They also portray the highly contradictory points of view which have been expressed. These three films constitute a good introduction to the Geneva conference.

These films aim to present the discussions held in Geneva, some of them quite disputed, in an impartial and balanced manner. A scientific approach has been undertaken to select the extracts. Only issues that have been debated by a large number of participants have been considered.

Special attention has been paid to objectivity and to non-controversial editing. Every position expressed by the participants has been included in order to remain faithful to the spirit of dialogue that has prevailed throughout the discussions.

Aimed at fostering future debates, these 3 documentary films are focusing on three main issues:

These films constitute a good introduction to the transcripts.
To stick to our multilingual policy, the films are fully bilingual. Every participant is talking in his (her) own language (French or English). Subtitles are provided.

Enjoy the films