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What assessment?

While the ICTR is slowly going to its closure, what assessment can be made in regard of the missions assigned to the tribunal? Crossed perspectives from various stakeholders.

Film 3: Fifteen years later, what assessment?

Film chapters

° Reconciliation

° Historical legacy

° Justice and politics

° Assessment

Film 3, 30mn, 25 contributions.

Speakers screened in this film, by alphabetical order: D. Byron, T. Cruvellier, M. Dahinden, R. Degni-Ségui, C. Del Ponte, A. Dieng, Y. Flour, A. Garapon, J.P Getti, A. Guichaoua, T. Kamilindi, B.A. Muna, J. Ngarambe, F. Ngendahayo, N. Nsengimana, F.X. Nsanzuwera, E. O’Donnell, W. Schabas, J.M. Sorel, C. Vidal.