• APTEL Cécile

    ≈ Legal Coordinator in Chambers, Chef de Cabinet to the President Kama, Legal Advisor to the Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte

    º Consultant, Jennings Randolph Senior Fellow, UNIP (United States Institute of Peace)

  • ARBIA Silvana

    ≈ Former Senior Trial Attorney, Chief of prosecutions, ICTR

    º Registrar of the ICC

  • DEL PONTE Carla

    ≈ Former Prosecutor of the ICTR (1999-2003) & ICTY (1999-2007)

    º Switzerland’s Ambassador to Argentina

  • FADUGBA Ayodedji

    ż Chief of Information and Evidence Support Section

  • FALL Dior

    ż Senior Appeals Councel, ICTR

  • JALLOW Hassan Bubacar

    ż Prosecutor of the ICTR from 2003

  • KAREGYESA Richard

    ż Chief of prosecutions, ICTR

  • KWENDE Alfred

    ż Chief of investigations, ICTR

  • MUNA Bernard Acho

    ≈ ICTR Deputy Prosecutor

    º Barrister-at-law

  • NSANZUWERA François-Xavier

    ż Appeals Counsel, ICTR

  • OTHMAN Mohamed

    ≈ Chief of prosecutions, ICTR

    º Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in the Sudan, Human Rights Council,UN

  • STEWART James

    ≈ Chief of the Appeals and Legal Advisory Division, ICTR (2004-2007)

    ° Attorney General of Ontario, Ministry of the Attorney General, Canada


    ż Senior Trial Attorney