ż Senior Legal Advisor, Chief of the External Relations and Strategic Planning Section, ICTR Spokesperson

  • BECKY Sylvie

    ż Chief of the Witnesses and Victims Support section, ICTR

  • DIENG Adama

    ż Registrar of the ICTR since 2001

  • GUINDO Saïdou

    ż Commanding officer of the UN Detention Facillity of the ICTR (UNDP)


    ż Interpreter, Kinyarwanda Section, ICTR

  • NGENDAHAYO Françoise

    ≈ Adivsor for the ICTR on gender issues and assistance to victims (1997-2001)

    º Co-chairwoman of the Burundian Consulting Committee for the settlement of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

  • NIANG Mandiaye

    ż Senior Legal Officer, Registry, ICTR

  • O’DONNELL Everard

    ż Deputy Registrar, ICTR