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The three-day conference has resulted in very interesting and passionate debates. The participants were not invited to deliver a formal communication but to take the floor on a spontaneous basis. Each contrbiution thus is quite short and reflects an oral-style.

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This website has implemented a fully bilingual policy and has reckoned that many people are able to understand English and French, the two languages of the conference. Thus, search results will direct you to the original version of the transcripts you are looking for. The translated version is available at any time.

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Accused at large

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  • - contribution 02 (JALLOW Hassan Bubacar)

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    Kabgayi case - Disclosure of evidence - The plane - Accused at large - Guilty plea - RPF prosecution - Whom to prosecute? - Completion strategy
    Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman. Good morning to all the participants. We are certainly pleased to be here to brief you on what we have been doing and to hear from you, where you think we may have done well, where you think we should be going. The 2nd Session, of course, the day before yesterday, raised a lot of issues for the Office of the Prosecutor. Some of the issues listed in the agenda were not, I believe, quite dealt with sufficiently. I will try to give my responses to some of the questions and the comments raised, and also my views on some of the agenda items for the session (...)