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contribution 21 - CONDÉ Aïcha

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ICTR assessment - RPF prosecution


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Thank you. I would like to express the standpoint of the Defence on the consequences of the Prosecution strategy. As far as I’m concerned, and for many of us, we have always tried to protect our clients and prevent the Tribunal from being some kind of forum. But 15 years on, the fact that no RPF member has been prosecuted, it’s hardening our clients and making the Tribunal some kind of forum, a rostrum, a stand for them to express themselves, whereas we are told you have an indictment, you have to stick to the indictment. And then they respond that in the transcripts there should be traces of something that people don’t want to say. And that is what we are trying to say.

And so they will not be there for long. Assume your responsibility so that at the end of this Tribunal at least it can be said that justice has been rendered. And this is what we are missing. And there is the feeling of victimisation and the feeling of conspiracy. Our clients are saying this is a conspiracy against us. So please assume your responsibility. It is not a conspiracy, but it is justice. And for justice to be complete, both sides have to be prosecuted.