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contribution 23 - VANDERMEERSCH Damien

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ICTR assessment - Politics & Justice - RPF prosecution


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I would just like to say a word to add to the explanations we’ve received on the fact that there are some loopholes. Well, it is not the sole preserve of the ICTR. Even the ICC, I’m waiting for a day when they will look on the other side. Well, we are in the middle ages of international justice. This is the embryonic stage. I think it’s the beginning of justice. Let us be here as if we are in the middle ages of international justice. And as long as the problem of the separation of powers has not been addressed at the international level, while it is still captive to the balance of power, I will say let us move towards majority political will or the stronger countries.

So I think in the legacy we should acknowledge that we missed an opportunity, an opportunity of a trial of strength or between justice and politics, politics that may not have wanted investigations to be opened into a ruling government.

Now, I’m not certain but maybe justice should one day of think of having that trial or strength with politics. And I’m not sure that the justice will not prevail in that trial of strength. They face threats of closing down the office and Kigali and every other thing, but the Judges have responded and said close down the Tribunal. If that had been done, then we would not be working in complete dependency as we are doing. If that trial of strength had taken place we would have moved forward.

I am not sure that the international community, the entire international community would have defended Rwanda if it had refused to support the ICTR. So the opposite may have taken place. So that trial of strength is something that we should even wish for. But it is part of, well, it is not the only reason. There is a lot of inertia on the ground. People can say yes, yes, yes, but there is inertia on the ground. So I thought that trial of strength was a golden opportunity for justice to take a firm stance towards independence.


Mr. Prosper, you have the floor.