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contribution 23 - SOREL Jean-Marc

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(Begenning : 11.05 am)

Jean-Marc SOREL

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My friends, if you are ready, we will continue with our meeting discussions. And while we are settling down, I have an announcement to make to some of you. Those of you who spoke yesterday should have before them the transcripts of their statements, two page record. If you can kindly look at that document before lunch and possibly ensure the accuracy of that document. Please do not look at the nitty grittys. And I’m told that the English copy will be ready at 12 o’clock. And you would only need to concern to the publication, rather, of the document.

After this morning’s session, I hope this session will be as lively and active as the first session this morning. For the time being, I’m going to let the witnesses lay fallow because I believe they can take up three days. And I would like to give this day to the Judges, namely, Judges Khan and Judge Arrey, who have made a significant contribution to the procedural model, which we have realised is crosscutting. And thereafter we’ll get back to the witnesses.

But to conclude on procedural matters of the stakeholders thereof, for those who are present, in respect of the issue of victims and compensation, some observations were made in the notes as to the management of victims and the issue of compensation. And, thereafter, I will give the floor to Alphonse, who has allowed me to call him by his first name, because his name is very complex, but who will handle our translation issues.

I do not know if before he takes the floor anybody has something to say.

Ms. Aptel, yes, you have the floor.