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contribution 25 - Roux François

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Position of victims in proceedings

François ROUX

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Let me say a word on the victims. I was among those who deplored the fact that victims were not given access to the ICTR, and that has happened at the ICC, and Jean Marie is in a better position to speak about that. And that access has been given to Cambodia. In Cambodia these are victims are several parties, so they are more active. And that has been opened, but the management is still to be determined. In the first trial before the Tribunal in Cambodia, there are 93 victims, which is not massive, but which is adequate. And since in that tribunal the Defence teams have a national defence counsel and an international defence counsel. So how do you manage all these victims, who are quite a number? It is sad that it did not happen in the ICTR, but so far there is not a clear cut approach to the management of this management.


Yes, Jean Marie Duval, a supplement