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contribution 27 - Lurquin Vincent

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Position of victims in proceedings


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Let me say a word. I have chosen to work at the ICC but with the victims, and it is not it is central to have legal representation, because you have counsels, and regarding the victims, you have a legal representation without any mention to counsels. Victims at the ICTR normally had to be victims. At the ICC the victims ought to have had to their own say. They should have their own identity in respect of the OTP. And the issue we discussed yesterday about prosecutions must be different if the victim is represented and is allowed to participate and to have a say in the proceedings. And I believe that is a daunting challenge. And Ms. Arbia is fully aware in respect of the ICC. I agree with François. I know that is difficult, but we have to do everything to give a voice to the victims, especially in ad hoc Tribunals. Thank you.


I think we cannot delve any further in the issue of victims and compensation.

But I think we have to say a word or two about that and raise the issue, and that issue seems to be a technicality, but it is fundamental, especially in the proceedings. And this is the issue of translation. And this is somebody who has a paper, very interesting, dealing with translation issues is Alphonse.

Alphonse, you have the floor.