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contribution 29 - Roux François

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Issues of translation

François ROUX

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Maybe a word or two about what Alphonse said because it is a major problem before your international tribunals. I would like the appraisal of these Tribunals to factor in that difficulty that was so well expressed but which unfortunately has still not been addressed before the Tribunals, I must say.

When Aïcha Condé and myself were part of a small group of experts with Bruno Cathala, the president and registrar of the International Criminal Court, we attended a seminar organised especially by the interpreters, and they told us, "Listen, when we speak well and properly when there is interpretation, we lose between 20 and 25 % of what we say. And if we do not speak slowly enough, 50 %of our message disappears." Now, we are before the court, and at the end of the day, there are judicial decisions that are handed down, whereas only 15% of the message was received. This is a major problem, and I would like to call on the Registrars of the Tribunals to call on the states to provide resources to the registries. How can we claim to provide justice if the parties are not understood?


Thank you. I think your message was properly understood and received.

Mr. Kwende, I believe, wants to say something briefly. Then we will move on to the another topic.