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contribution 34 - MIGEOT Valérie

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Investigation - Production of evidence

Valérie MIGEOT

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I would like to revisit what Florida said. I will not talk about the aspect before the Tribunal, but the aspect of contact with the witnesses, by either the investigator or a representative of the OTP in Arusha. What I can say generally is that there is a qualitative difference in the persons who appear before us and who need assistance in Belgium. Well, it is not my domain to mention the recruitment of persons in the international institutions, but what I do as a representative of the Belgian state is to calm down and prepare the victim, to prepare them and to make them understand their status as victim.

I know the strategy and objective of the ICTR, and the civil law and common law systems are different on this. It is a strategy that is not our own, thus in which we cannot go into. Without talking about some lawyers in our country who prefer to tackle the man instead of the elements of the file.

But I believe that at international level respect for the human person and the person’s experience, a person who comes after a long process and has a possibility after so many years and who is still willing to bring his own little contribution to the edifice, such a person should be treated with a lot of respect.

There may be a lot more to be said on this score, but I am really happy that Mr. Jallow is here as Prosecutor. And I know that Mr. Karegyesa has been doing his level best ever since he assumed that post. But bear in mind that some of your collaborators do not really have that same vision as that of your organisation. It is an organisation that has a lot of money and well, it may not be really money making, but there are some people who abuse the process. And in Belgium we don’t accept this and we will never accept it. Thank you.


Thank you for that testimony. Mr. Muna, briefly, please.