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contribution 36 - Lurquin Vincent

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Difficulty of testimony - Position of victims in proceedings


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Please bare note that I know my Defence colleagues have ever had the intention of attacking witnesses. It also relates to the legal system. The common law system which we are not quite used to in Brussels the system is different and indeed it is more respectful of the integrity of the witness in common law. But what you have said is important but I can’t speak in your stead that would be the worst of things. It boils down to stating indeed there is no room for the victim in the proceedings. That is what you have said. That is your say so. You have said that you have written several times for 12 years to say you were a victim and that you were a witness to certain things and you want to ensure that that memory is sustained and heard by the court. You only did in your capacity as a witness and I believe that a conclusion that can be drawn and that is work that should be taken upon by the ICC in respect of the dignity of the victim. The dignity of the witness. But to ensure that the victim is there as a victim and not a witness and I’m coming back to the Verges syndrome, I believe that the common law eases the Verges syndrome.


Yes, let us admit your point. André Guichaoua.