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contribution 11 - Lurquin Vincent

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Thank you, Chair. Indeed, I might have been a little hard in my statements under situations where one cannot miss being annoyed. But let me respond to Mr. Othman.

First of all, why is Mr. Emmanuel Bagambiki unwilling to return to Rwanda? Because the evening of his acquittal, the minister of justice called the Judges as puppets and the Tribunal as a circus. And two events were organised by the regime in Kigali and Cyangugu, and it was learnt subsequently that Emmanuel Bagambiki, in absentia, without contacted him was convicted by Rwandan authorities to life sentence. So you would understand in the circumstances that he is unwilling to return to Rwanda.

Second, why is he willing to go to Belgium? Very simple reason, because his wife is a resident and national of a citizens of Belgium. They have thee children are Belgium and as per the Belgium law, he is entitled to reunite with his family, and which was established because we have a decision of the State counsel on that matter. He was entitled to do so for three and a half years he claimed that right.

Third point, in respect of the luxurious abode of Mr., I haven’t been to his house, but in respect of luxury. Let me state that Mr. Bagambiki’s circumstances or conditions, living conditions were below the line, basic line of human rights. That is not my say. So that is something I learnt through a letter from Mr. Adama Dieng, the registrar. So that matter is close.


I will give the floor now to André Guichaoua.