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contribution 20 - GUINDO Saïdou

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Sentence and detention


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Thank you. I don’t want to open a controversy here with Barrister Roux. Well, if one runs a detention centre, there is a minimum amount of security to provide, and these security measures that we establish are meant to protect the inmate, but also to protect ourselves and the visitors that come.

It has happened, as I said, that counsel or members of the Defence team because when I say members of the Defence team, I am referring to the lead counsel, the co counsel, who are protected and who endure a number of privileges. But, in addition to them, we have investigators who are recruited. They may have family ties with the accused persons. And what happens, generally, and what has happened in the past, they bring illegal objects into the detention facility.

There are objects that even the scanner cannot pick up. So what should be done? There are huge amounts of money that people bring to the detention centre and give to the Accused. When we carry out searches, we find these amounts of money. Money is the most dangerous weapon in a prison. We have explained all of this. That is why all the counsel undergo the treatment that we give them, except for Mr. Roux, of course.

Unfortunately, I am inflexible. Mr. Roux wants me to establish a little bridge from where he parks his car to the detention facility. I am sorry because that zone does not belong to Mr. Guindo. That is the job of the Tanzanian authorities, and that is where you have to pass through to see your client.

If fact, you are crossing that zone illegally because it is a protected zone belonging to the Penitential Authority of Tanzania.

Thank you. Fifteen minutes of break before we move on to other issues.

(Recessed at 3.45 pm.)