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contribution 21 - GARAPON Antoine

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Longueur des procédures


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(Session resumed at 4.10pm)

So please sit down. Take your seats. I will wait for everybody to be seated before resuming our deliberations, which will be the last session for this afternoon. I believe there have been major issues that have been raised. I’m not referring to the dirty roads and the undue delays in custody. If we were to focus exclusively on the dirty wet roads, there would be a fundamental issue. As Everard O’Donnell said, namely, the length of pre trial detention, which is a problem in every judicial system and which also afflicts the ICTR, which doesn’t have a counterweight akin to the European model of the court of human rights.

Chile Eboe Osuji has requested to speak, and on that note we are going to start our deliberations.