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contribution 33 - Haguma Jean

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Accused realeased - Reconciliation


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I agree with ^Francois when he says that the decisions delivered by the ICTR may contribute to national reconciliation in Rwanda, despite the number. Although they are few in number, I mean the decisions, notwithstanding the length of time, which is understandable, but I believe that they can contribute to national reconciliation. What is essential is the vision of achieving national reconciliation. The rest is a process. It is a process, and I believe we can achieve national reconciliation.

Coming to national reconciliation specifically, my learned friends have mentioned the daunting difficulties facing persons who have pled guilty, persons who have been acquitted, the difficulties they face in staying in Arusha. I believe, and that is my opinion, if we really seek to talk about national reconciliation, we have to devote a lot of effort to ensure that those people return to Rwanda, to get them back to Rwanda because there are other persons who have pleaded guilty in Rwanda. There are other persons who have been acquitted in Rwanda and who are living in Rwanda. And I believe that can further national reconciliation rather than devoting a lot of efforts and resources in prisons in Benin and elsewhere and I think what is of import first and foremost the national reconciliation of the Rwandan people. And I believe it is very important to focus more of the effort. I don’t mean this will be done overnight, but I think an effort should be made for these people to return to Rwanda. That will take national reconciliation further.

And this does not apply to those who have been acquitted or convicted but even for the enforcement of sentences. There are requirements set by the ICTR which have been met by the government of Rwanda. They talked about building detention facilities. That has been met. So I believe that if these people were to take in a Kambanda, my friend Roux will have no complaints because there will be no insalubrious path leading to the prison facilities. And this is what has to be done if we need to achieve national reconciliation. And I believe that is where we have to put our effort.


I would like to ask everybody to be as brief as possible when they take the floor.