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contribution 37 - Degni-Ségui René

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RPF prosecution - Reconciliation


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Thank you, Mr. Chair. I’m a former special rapporteur. I had, as an observer, refrained from speaking but Francois Xavier’s emotional statement is a cause of concern to me, because it stands midway between Nuremberg and the Royal Palace. Nuremberg happened yesterday, and I have just two questions. Just yesterday we dwelled at length or we spoke at length and we said only those who had been presumed guilty of committing the genocide had been tried, but the others were left aside.

I wonder if reconciliation can be achieved if we only see or if it is not construed as justice for the victors. I am afraid that it would undermine reconciliation if, also, for exemplary purposes, the other side is not tried without trying to do a balancing act.

Now, with specific reference to François Xavier’s statement, in respect of the Royal Palace, he said the fact that there has been a qualifier in international justice for the crime of genocide, that is a milestone for a judge to establish that fact. The authority of the judge is in place, and the res judicata is also important. But I wonder whether the population, the overwhelming number of victims would understand.

And now I will subscribe to my neighbour’s opinion. If an awareness raising campaign were not put in place in respect of knowledge of the genocide so that people can understand that they had been victims of a genocide, if people do not have these material at hand, will they be able to achieve national reconciliation? That is my point.


Thank you, Mr. Rapporteur. I would like to give the floor now to Mr. Nsengimana.