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RPF prosecution - Reconciliation


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Thank you. I had agreed with Joseph Ngarambe that he will take the floor before me, but I will take the floor first. Thank you, Chair.

I will not belabour the point raised by Mr. Degni Segui. I believe it is very important. It is central. Namely, that all victims have to be identified and acknowledged. And I did not say or I believe I am more optimistic than Nsanzuwera, but I do not see any reconciliation if we stop halfway, and the Tribunal would not take any pride if it is unable to actually acknowledge all the victims and to try the main culprits irrespective of their leaning.

But I would like to address another issue of reconciliation which is often mentioned.

We are told that the criminals of the victims should be reconciled. That is a stake. I say no. I beg to differ with that form of reconciliation. I do not cherish it. A criminal has to first of all reconcile with justice. That is his first path to atonement. He should seek forgiveness. He should show apathy, then we look at his case later.

The real reconciliation is among the victims, notwithstanding that has been said here about reconciliation, as they have been hostages. They were in the throws of the Hutu and Tutsi extremists who took them hostage. How do you give them that opportunity for them to voice their experience, for them to bear testimony? And it would be up to them to determine how they would reconstruct culturally, politically, institutionally a life, a system, or in future each Rwandan, irrespective of their ethnicity, would actually feel, and genuinely too, safe and that he or she would not be haunted by those mass killings and a system which will guarantee the right to life.

And therefore I do not accept the rhetoric from Kigali and elsewhere about reconciliation between the victims and the hangmen. To me the real reconciliation is between the victims irrespective of their leanings. Thank you very much. Thank you, Chairman.