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Yvonne FLOUR

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Thank you. I will be very brief. I have been given a hat and I am trying to get it back. I have two observations to conclude this colloquium.

First of all, I would like to state my appreciation to all the stakeholders, not only the organisers, to all the participants who spoke at length throughout the discussions. During my short opening statement I said it would be an endearing experience which required humility, open mindedness and apathy. I was struck by the diversity of opinions that were voiced. They were not only views, but they were experiences but a diversity of statements and the manner in which those views and thoughts came together. Sometimes there was some confrontation, but there was a lot of courtesy. And the spirit was to bring one another to understand what happened, and it was everybody voicing their experience. So I’m going home with a lot of respect for the participants.

I have a question I came with, and I feel I may have to go back home with that question. And the question is, from an academic, what is the locus on which we rely to deliver justice? In most of our countries we deliver justice in the name of the people. In international justice it is more complex. This is a question that may seem banal or absurd, naive or thought provoking, but it relates to the politics/justice tandem. This morning Mr. Cruvellier asked if there could be justice without politics. As a matter of fact, justice does not have its own origin and does not have its own end.
And we also had the discussion about justice for the victors, because one thing is certain, justice is not delivered for victorious purposes. We also talked about reconciliation, because it is a political move, but it is also a political duty.

I don’t have answers to that question. Although it sounds theological, that is a question which we need to put on top of our minds, and it should be food for thought.

Thank you. I have nothing else to add.


I note that I have made a mistake myself and I will give the floor to Mr. Muna. Please be extremely brief in your statement. I am sorry.