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Prosecution strategy


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I would like to discuss some comments made by Ms. Del Ponte and by Don Webster. Actually, with respect to sort of this strategy call and recognising sort of the legal standards that you’re working with, the fact that you do need proof, looking also at the political constraints within which you’re working, certainly more if you look all the way back to ’94, ’95 versus where we’re at today, I think it’s interesting.

I would welcome Prosecutor Jallow’s thoughts on it, in terms of this evolution of strategy and how we’ve gotten there. Because I do think that this was a revolutionary process, and so of course there’s going to be some changes made along the way that hopefully are adapted to deal with the circumstances.

But if you have what Ms. Del Ponte said, which was that she recognised the need to look into the RPF crimes and, in fact, tried to do so and also realised that Kigali wasn’t going to be helpful in doing that, you know, where did the strategy change to where we are today in sort of seeing them as a responsible forum where such cases can be tried? And how did we get from the strategy under Ms. Del Ponte to the current decision to let Kigali try these cases as they did? Thank you.


Certains voulaient demander la parole. Je prends note. Monsieur Webster, et Monsieur Roux, s’il vous plaît.