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contribution 24 - PROSPER Pierre-Richard

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Politics & Justice

Pierre Richard PROSPER

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I just wanted to try to provide an answer for Ms. Haskell. This is something that everyone knows has dramatically influenced Prosecution strategy, that is the completion strategy and I think I bear some responsibility. It was a completion strategy that really pushed for national prosecutions, both in Rwanda as well as the Yugoslavia. I know Madame Del Ponte got tired of hearing from me on this issue, as well as Prosecutor Jallow. But that was a main fact.

Just a quick point on the politics. The politics works both ways. It can obviously be a detriment, but it can be helpful. One of the things that we did, and both Tribunals came to me regularly on, was the apprehension of indicted persons. One of the things we did with Rwanda was the rewards for justice programme. Working very closely with Mr. Jallow and his team, we actively engaged the countries and the region and were able to actually apprehend a few people. Thank you.


Monsieur Guichaoua