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contribution 28 - STEWART James

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There are lot of issues that we have not discussed, which I thought we might have. As a matter of fact, coming out of issues like “acte d’accusation” and other practical lessons that we might have tried to examine instead of the great questions that have been debated. But I think the great questions are important, and I just want, on this theme, to close with this remark.

I agree that we have to be humble and that an attitude of humility is important. We are dealing with the art of the possible. I understand that. But I think that if we can say that we brought to justice a number of people responsible for the deaths of half a million people that we should not be talking about failure or “échec”. To me, that is a tremendous success, and it’s something certainly that we should be building on. To me, it’s not a failure. C’est un succès, ce n’est pas un échec selon moi.


Merci. Je n’ai plus d’orateur. Monsieur Othman, est-ce qu’on prolonge la séance ou est-ce qu’on la clôt à la suite de cette intervention ? Quelles sont les instructions des organisateurs ? Monsieur Othman, s’il vous plaît.